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Procedure to Begin your Tai Chi Online Classes

To Attend your class with Zoom

  1. At your appointed class time, you will need to connect your mobile device, computer with a camera, or laptop to to begin your lesson. If you are connecting via phone, download the Zoom app. Our experience shows that a laptop works best as the bigger your screen the better you can see the moves.

  2. Click on this link to my online classroom -  You will be taken to the Zoom website where, one time only - you will have to download a small setup file and then run that file.

  3. If you are asked to Join a Meeting – my meeting number will always be 580-622-1669.  You will be asked for a password, which is wushu2020.

  4. Once you have clicked on the link above or typed in my meeting number, click on Join with Computer Audio.

  5. Then a control panel will open, click Share Video so that I can see you. You will see either a screen that reads "This meeting will begin when the host arrives." or you will see yourself on camera.  When I join the meeting, you will also see me so our class can begin.

  6. To see me on your screen choose Galley View. Then go to the right-hand top corner of my video block you will see three dots.  Right click to open and press Pin, then no matter which other student is talking online you will not lose my image.


To view your study videos

Your first three videos, Basic Exercises, Taiji Beginning (32-step form), Taste of Taiji and now Basic Fan Exercises and Fan Form One, if applicable, are already available for you on my website once you sign up for monthly classes.  Soon we will make a video of Tai Chi Dragon Fan, Fan Form 2, section by section for your continued support.

  1. Log-in to my website and choose My Account from the menu below your name.

  2. Click on Study Forms.  Only the forms you are currently studying will show working links.


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