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Regular students who wish to attend online - be aware that you must use the custom Zoom that will be sent to all registered online attenders.  Our regular meeting room WILL NOT be in use.

​​Tai Chi ChuanA traditional Chinese sport, health exercise and performing art.

In today's world, since most students have either time constraints or a current infirmity, it is important that we respect these different conditions and still find a way to teach each student how to heal themselves, and still have fun doing so. Even in a group class, the study of Tai Chi is a very individualized journey.  Classical Tai Chi has basic characteristics to learn and to follow.  Some take a longer time to assimilate, so my classes begin at the beginning by teaching flexibility exercises and forms that will offer every student opportunities for good health and relaxation.  A basic Tai Chi form takes only two to five minutes to perform, but can still be done year after year with a practitioner's improved skill level.  I also incorporate into my teaching Tai Chi Qigong forms for enhanced stress reduction and all around improved wellness.


Tai Chi …. A traditional Chinese system for health and healing

Contact:  Shifu@tai-chi-arts.com