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"I began taking Master Robert’s Tai Chi class in Spring 2017 and improved my posture, my weight shift without swaying, and my mind/body relaxation. While this sounds mundane, it helped in my golf swing and my handicap went down. Due to traveling, I stopped going to class and about the same time my golf suffered. Could be coincidental so to test my theory, I resumed the Tai Chi class again in December. It’s too soon (and too cold) to confirm about the golf but it really is a very good form of mental/physical meditation. He is a very dedicated, highly trained and committed teacher. I enjoy my time in his class and believe the movements and focused relaxation will be helpful to my golf game as well as in everyday life."

Sharon Wilson

"I have long struggled with proper balance and tense muscles.  When my wife suggested Tai Chi with Robert at the Pinehurst Country Club Fitness Center, I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try.  Well, despite my feeling awkward, Robert has really helped me understand Tai Chi.  Slowly I am grasping the concepts and as I have, I am realizing the benefits that come with it.  I am a tough pupil, but Robert is a great teacher and his patience is really helpful for someone like me.  Learning to release tension and channel my energy has made a huge difference in my activities, such as golf and running.  Robert is a master at explaining the movements and the many benefits that can be realized.  I attend the Wednesday morning class, and that has been a perfect class for me as a beginner.  Robert keeps it fun as well and I never feel pressured to push beyond what my body will allow.  Great class and a wonderful instructor!"

Michael Davis

"I was always curious about Tai Chi having seen it practiced in Asia. When I saw it was being offered at the fitness center, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. I can’t explain exactly why, but I can say that it has helped me in all sorts of different and unexpected ways. I no longer experience the neck and shoulder pain I have had for years and the effect on my flexibility and balance has been remarkable. Overall, I feel more focused and relaxed. We are so lucky to have Robert as our teacher. Who would think that we would have a world class Tai Chi master right here in Pinehurst! Robert takes the class to a different level. We are not just learning Tai Chi ‘moves’, but actually understanding the basis behind this ancient art. Not only is the class interesting and beneficial, but it is actually fun. I look forward to continuing the journey and discovering what else may await. Tai Chi, it’s not about the moves, but the space between the moves."

Alicia Ross  


Kim Bishop on her health benefits from Tai Chi in 2018:

  • Lower back pain is rarely present and it used to be a daily nagging and sometimes serious issue.

  • For the last 10 years I have been searching for a way to NOT have immediate and next-day pain from lifting anything over 20 lbs.  Tai chi has allowed me to do this effortlessly.

  • Balance has improved

  • Flexibility has improved

  • Joint pain is non-existent

  • I feel more fluid, stiffness is rarely present.

  • Jet lag is non-existent!  I fly to the West coast once a year and as I got older the jet lag progressed to extreme fatigue, so much so, that I would lose 3 days of vacation – 1.5 upon arrival and 1.5 when I returned home.

  • Sleep is very restful, I awake rested.

  • The class on sitting properly has changed my life

  • More relaxed hips have absolutely changed my life

  • More relaxed shoulders have absolutely changed my life

  • Heartburn is now non-existent

  • Getting up and down from the ground is so easy now

  • I used to have numbness in my fingers and hands when driving, tai chi has allowed me to correct this when it occurs.

  • Learning a bit of Qigong has been so beneficial in moving energy through any blocks in my body, relieving pain and stress.


"Learning Taiji from Shifu Robert has led me to a greater awareness of not only my body, but also my mind and spirit.  By developing a strong foundation in the principles of traditional Taiji, Shifu cultivates in his students an appreciation for the poetry and culture behind Taiji as well as the applications of this ancient Chinese martial art in daily art."  

A former student

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