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Free Consultation & Introductory Class


Is Tai Chi (Taiji) the correct direction for you to pursue? I am offering two new initiatives to provide you with this knowledge to help you make that decision.


First, we are offering you a Free consultation with Shifu Robert so that we can talk about your thoughts, concerns and goals as they relate to your study of Taiji.  To get started email me!


Secondly, I am offering you an Introductory class so that you can participate in our teaching method of this ancient art to see if this is the correct path for your stress reduction and improved health.  To claim your $35 Introductory class, scroll down and Click the Pay Now button.


I look forward to talking with you and teaching you this wonderful system of movement for your health and enjoyment.  Shifu Robert


​How to Schedule a Group or Private Class with Master Robert:

Email me with a class day and time that will work for you.  I will work with you to find the class times that work best for you. Classes are taught 7 days a week.  Online and in-person classes are available. ​Financial scholarships are available.
The best way to reach Shifu Robert is via e-mail at


- Group lessons are once a week for $100.00 per month (auto-renewing monthly until cancelled); a 5-week month is the same fee.  Includes access to the video of the forms we are practicing.

- Introductory Group Class - one time class for $35.00/student to see if our teaching method is right for you.

- Private lessons are $100.00 per class.

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