Master Robert Goodman

Having been blessed to be a student and friend with two 'old world' masters. For over twenty years I have studied the internal arts of Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi privately with Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark.   In my classes I teach a complete system of Taiji to students of all ages and physical conditions for health, stress reduction, and personal enjoyment.
During this time, I continued my Equestrian Classical Dressage training under the tutelage of Jean Pierre Guiotat from the Cadre Noir de Saumur, the French Riding School. Over the years Jean Pierre and I have researched the similarities between Classical Equestrian riding and Classical Taiji; hence with his encouragement I began teaching Taiquestrian method of riding to my Equestrian students with great success.
For fourteen years, I formally studied with masters from two Shaolin-Kempo martial arts systems earning a third-degree black belt from each system. During that time, I taught men, women, children as well as women's self-defense classes while I continued with my passion of Taiji in the background. My next step was to close my Martial Art’s studio to concentrate all of my energies on Wudang, the internal style of Wushu, which includes the study and practice of Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi.
With a variety of instructors, I studied Tai Chi Chuan until 1994 when I became a private student of Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark. This is when I began my studies in earnest in the internal and healing arts of the Wudang style. Once I received authorization from Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark to begin teaching Wushu and Tai Chi, I continued to encourage my students to honor the teachings of Master Mark.
In May of 2000, as a member of the Bow Sim Mark Wushu Theater Performing Art Troupe, I felt honored to travel with Grandmaster Mark and a special group of her students to Shanghai to perform Wushu Theater. The performance was televised throughout China. Our troupe was very well received and was awarded 2nd place.
It was here at this 5th World Wushu Festival Shanghai that I received the 'Best Demonstration Award' for my performance of Taiji; another inspiration for me to continue Taiji as a way of life.
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From these years of opportunity and teaching I have blended the authentic practice of this ancient art with the current pace of today’s energy so we can explore together the possibility of better health, flexibility, balance, and personal serenity.
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Robert is also a licensed equestrian instructor and trainer, utilizing Taiquestrian method (Classical Dressage) to integrate horseback riding lessons and training with proper Tai Chi principles. Please contact Robert at