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Master Robert Goodman

For over forty years, my passion has been to teach my students how to discover, access and share their Healing Energy within the World through their study of Tai Chi. My teachings integrate a complete system of Taiji

as part of the Internal Arts to students of all ages and physical condi-

tions for health, stress reduction and enjoyment.


Having studied several systems of Martial Arts and Tai Chi Chuan with a variety of instructors it was when Master Bow Sim Mark accepted me as a private student that my understanding and practice of Classical Internal Arts and Tai Chi truly began to unfold.


In 2000, as a member of the Bow Sim Mark Wushu Theater Performing

Arts Troupe, we performed the epic tale Wang Zhou Jun at the 5th World Wushu Festival in Shanghai. The performance was televised throughout China and our troupe was awarded 2nd place. It was here that I received the “Best Demonstration Award” for my performance of Taiji. This experience inspired me to continue my study of Taiji and to share that passion and knowledge of the Internal Arts with interested students.


From these many years of opportunity and teaching I have come to understand the importance of blending the authentic practice of this ancient art with the current pace of today’s needs. Let us experience together the possibility of better health, flexibility, balance, and

personal serenity.

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