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Health Benefits of Taiji

Relieve Stress:


How does Taiji help me to reduce my stress?


  1. Taiji requires that the student harmonize both their mind and their body to make each movement of each posture.

  2. Hence relaxing both the mind and the body allows one to create and to feel each movement internally instead of just mimicking the movements via external aerobic means.


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Reduce Hypertension:


How does Taiji help you to reduce your hypertension?


  1. Hypertension, commonly known as High Blood Pressure, can lead to cardiovascular disease including stroke, a heart-attack or death.

  2. Your blood exerts a pressure on the walls of your blood vessels which creates a resistance to your blood flow which makes your heart work harder than usual to do its job.

  3. To perform Proper Taiji you will learn how exercise and how to move the Chi energy throughout your body with each movement you make.

  4. The Chi energy you have, and that which you learn to create, teaches you how to move this healing energy throughout your body to reduce your hypertension.


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Improve Balance:


How can Taiji help me to improve my balance?


  1. Our balance changes as we become infirm and/or grow older.

  2. My students learn from their first class how to walk and how to maintain their balance to reduce their chance of falling.

  3. Learning Taiji Walking is a study of understanding your balance internally while walking or moving in any direction.

  4. As you develop these techniques through your practice of Taiji you are blessed with an improved balance, which also eliminates the fear and anxiety of falling.

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Slow the Aging Process:


What can we do to slow down the aging process?


  1. Good nutrition, getting enough sleep and getting a proper exercise program in place is the first step to embrace.

  2. Everyone loses their flexibility as they get older and that flexibility is the key to opening the door to better health and to slow down the aging process.

  3. Whereas most exercises are taught externally, or aerobically, Taiji focuses on every joint working in harmony with the others as all movement comes from inside your body (core) to your extremities

  4. When you meet someone, who practices Proper Taiji you see a change in their eyes, countenance, and their movement.

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Improve your Circulation:


How can Taiji help you to improve your circulation?


  1. Our extremities are often prohibited from feeling our energy because of the various physical and emotional roadblocks we have created over the span of our lifetime.

  2. When we learn to move our Chi energy throughout our body and begin to practice feeling our Taiji Postures instead of just memorizing the movements, we have already begun the process of improving our circulation.


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Exercise Your Mind and Body:


How does Taiji helps us to exercise both our minds and our bodies?


  1. Each characteristic of Proper Taiji is designed to improve our ability to be calmer, more relaxed, improve our balance, and to feel and correct any imbalance we do discover in our daily lives.

  2. In the Yin and Yang of Life, our mind needs our body and our body needs our mind for us to function in a balanced fashion.

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Improve Your Immune System:


How can Taiji help us to improve our Immune System?

  1. My teacher used to say that to be healthy you can do 20 minutes of exercise or take a pill, your choice.

  2. Good nutrition, getting enough sleep and getting a proper exercise program in place is the first step to improving your immune system.

  3. Taiji gives you the ability to lessen the effects of an illness and to build up your stamina by improving your ability to ward off any outside force that tries to compromise your health.

  4. Taiji has Qigong in its movements, but Qigong does not have Taiji in its movements.

  5. Learning to breathe properly from your lower abdomen (Dantien) is a learned response that we entertain every time we breathe Life into our lungs, course blood through our veins and arteries, and eliminate the toxic waste from our bodies. A strong immune system is never achieved from one action, but rather it is a system of Life that finds harmony in Nature for all living beings, hence the study and enjoyment of Taiji.


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