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4-28-18 2nd Group Qigong IMGP1764
4-28-18 Traditional Jian Step Up Point Forward IMGP1826
4-28-18 Group Taiji 5th IMGP1811
4-28-18 Traditional Jian Fairy Shows the Way IMGP1814
4-28-18 Group Taiji 8th IMGP1838
4-28-18 Shifu Double Fans Intro IMGP1869
4-28-18 Group Taiji 2nd IMGP1808
4-28-18 Shifu Double Fans Walking IMGP1868
4-28-18 Traditional Jian Birds Fly Back to the Woods at Nightfall #6 IMGP1824
4-28-18 Group Taiji 11th IMGP1888 - Copy
4-28-18 Shifu Taste of Taiji Step Back Repulse Monkey IMGP1777
4-28-18 Traditional Jian Bird Flying over the Waterfall IMGP1829
4-28-18 Group Taiji 7th IMGP1833
4-28-18 Traditional Jian Big Star IMGP1818
4-28-18 3rd Group Qigong IMGP1766
4-28-18 Shifu Double Fans Butterfly IMGP1875
4-28-18 Group Taiji 3rd IMGP1809
4-28-18 5th Traditional Jian IMGP1830

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 20th International Annual Celebration

 April 28, 2018


Master Class teaching Internal Movement

 March 15, 2018


Taiquestrian Internal Movement Clinic

with both Ground & Mounted work

All Day June 10, 2018 Pfafftown, NC

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