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Shi fu Robert P. Goodman

In 1982, Shi fu began his formal study of martial arts and received his first Black Belt in 1989. In 1984, he also began his formal study of Tajji. 
Shi fu began to teach men, women and children`s Shaolin as well as women`s self-defense classes while continuing with his own studies. After he received his third degree Black Belt from two different martial arts systems, he began to concentrate all of his energies on Wudang or the internal style of Wushu.
Shi fu studied Tai Chi Chuan with a variety of instructors until 1994 when he became a private student of Master Bow Sim Mark. Then he began his studies in earnest in the internal and healing arts of the Wudang style. 
In 1997, Shi fu received authorization from Master Bow Sim Mark to begin teaching Wushu and Tai Chi Chuan. Today he continues to instruct his students to honor Master Mark and her teachings.
In May of 2000, Shi fu and a small group of her students went to Shanghai to perform Wushu Theater, which was very well received and awarded 2nd place. Shi fu was given a Best Demonstration prize for his Taiji at the 5th World Wushu Festival in Shanghai that year.
He is also a member of the Bow Sim Mark Wushu Theater performing art troupe.
" In America we are fortunate to have Master Bow Sim Mark as our Teacher and trainer for proper Wushu training. She brings her many years of dedication to the authentic practice of this ancient art, with a modern understanding of what her students require to grow and become more flexible and healthy. "
Robert is also an equestrian instructor and trainer, utilitizing  Tai-questrian method to integrate horseback riding lessons and training with Tai Chi principles - Please contact taiquestrian@gmail.com