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Master Robert

Important - I am teaching LIVE online training classes.  This is not a self directed video study.


​Tai Chi 

A traditional Chinese sport,
  health exercise and performing art. For hundreds of years the movements of Tai Chi have offered a proven way for everyone to enjoy the healthy and relaxing movements of Tai Chi to: 
- Improve their balance​
- Strengthen their body
- Relieve stress
​- Improve circulation
​- Reduce hypertension
​- Slow the aging process​

Your classes will include exercises to improve your balance, breathing and flexibility to offer you fun and enjoyment while learning Tai Chi forms that are designed to augment all of the faculties that we all require for good health and personal well-being.

Tai Chi has been proven to help students, whether young or old; physically able, or unable to walk or move easily.  Please speak with our current students with neck and back injuries, arthritis, replaced joints and other uncommon ailments that affect us all as we get older so that you can hear directly from them what their practice of Proper Tai Chi has done to improve their quality of life.
View these pages to learn more about our students and their personal journey to learn how to heal themselves with Tai Chi (Taiji).

If you have never tried this form of mind and body exercise, you owe it to yourself to experience a class to see if this is a good and positive direction for your well-being.

There are many books, magazines and articles published explaining the Art of Taiji, but they do not teach the internal characteristics of this Art form.


Visit my ARTICLES page for resources to make the process of learning the Internal Art of Tai Chi (Taiji) easier.

To explain the health benefits and value of learning Taiji internally versus externally you are embarking on a journey to learn and to understand an ancient Art Form, not just choreographed movements. 

Most people practicing Taiji today are performing it externally.  Yet they are still reaping positive benefits from their practice.  Those that are studying their Taiji internally are healing themselves of many ailments and changing their personal and professional lives positively.
Let us begin this journey together to discover the joy of improved health and tranquility.  My interest is to work with each you online as if we were in a weekly class together irrespective of where you are residing at this moment in time.

This online course will enable you to view and practice exercises and forms with me to gain instant feedback and direction each week as you progress through your training to assimilate step by step Taiji forms, Qigong, Bagua, Xingyi, Leung Yi and weapons training.
All movements can be modified for those who need to sit down for their Taiji training, as requested I will make another video for their use to achieve better health and relaxation.


​How to Schedule an Online Group or Private Class with Master Robert:

I have purposely not made a rigid teaching schedule for your online classes to allow everyone the flexibility to find the day and time that works best for them. ​
We have two alternatives for group lessons: ​
- Join an existing live class already in session and participate with us online.
 - Create a new group class with people you want to study with and if less than 5 students, we will augment your class with new students to join us. ​
For private lessons, ​ tell me your preferred availability and we will create a schedule together.
The best way to reach Shifu Robert is via e-mail at

Course Curriculum

  1. Taiji Beginning

  2. Essence Variation 1

  3. Taste of Taiji

  4. Qigong for Health

  5. Tai Chi Fan Exercises

  6. Tai Chi Fan Beginning Form & Fan Like Sword

  7. Taiji Dragon Fan

  8. Essentials of Combined

  9. Cultivation of Taiji

  10. Dao Yin

  11. Combined Internal Form

  12. Simplified Taiji

  13. Staff

  14. Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade

  15. Short Sleeves

  16. Taiji Dao

  17. Combined Taiji

  18. Long Sleeves

  19. Double Fans

  20. Yin Palm Bagua

  21. Double Fans

  22. Fu Yang Palm Bagua

  23. Fu Style Taiji

  24. Basic Xingyi Movements

  25. Basic Jian Form

  26. Shuang Shou Jian

  27. Chang Liuso Jian

  28. Traditional Taiji Jian

  29. Fu Style Xingyi Twelve Animal Form

  30. Leung Yi Chuan

  31. Fu Style Jian

  32. Dragon Palm Bagua

  33. Drunken Style Jian

  34. Double Jian

  35. Seven Star Jian 


- Group lessons are online once a week for $80.00 per month; a 5-week month is the same fee.  Includes access to the video of the forms we are practicing.


- Private online lessons are $100.00 per class.


Tai Chi …. A traditional Chinese sport, health exercise and performing art


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